Case Study

Google Ads Lead Gen Case Study

Google is often the primary lead source for many small businesses. The users here are potential customers that are actively looking for your service. While SEO is a long term effort, google ads put you to the top of google instantly and are a powerful lead generation tool. Below is an example of one of our clients, Toronto Eyelid Surgery. They are a cosmetic eye surgery clinic based near Bay and Bloor st, in
the heart of downtown Toronto. Through Google Ad Campaigns, we have been very successful in scaling the clinic. We are generating leads at less than $1 for for a very high ticket service. We are generating 200 leads every week resulting in an additional 6 figures for the business every month. How we do this is by creating a landing page for our ads to maximize conversions and years of google ads expertise utilizing advanced targeting and bid strategy. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important for your customers who are looking for you to find you first. Our advanced google ad campaigns will deliver the same results for you.

In general, the price of either upper or lower eyelid surgery ranges between
$3,800 and $5,500 depending on the complexity of your treatment plan, while both procedures can cost between $7,700 and $10,000

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