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    Case Study

    Below is an example of one of our clients Toronto Plastic Surgery Institute. Our client is a multiple 7 figure business. Their main source of leads is
    through google.

    Through our SEO campaign, we have been very successful in scaling their web traffic. We started working on their SEO in January and as you can see they only had 250 monthly website traffic. In one month we doubled their traffic.

    Then covid-19 closures happened but we maintained their traffic. In July we took their website traffic to an all-time high of 1500 new users! We started ranking for highly competitive terms such as plastic surgery toronto and other related keywords.

    We got them on the number 1 page for many key words they were not ranking for previously. How we did this was with our advanced SEO strategy of creating high quality backlinks, writing blogs on their website and focusing on strategic ranking factors.

    An increase in web traffic/ google searches will without a doubt result in an increase in leads.

    When potential customers are searching, you need to show up first. If you’re not, someone else is. Our advanced SEO campaign can provide the same results for your business.


    Google Ads Lead Gen Case Study

    This client is an 8 figure plastic surgeon. How did we get him there?

    Consulted his business, did all digital marketing and started social media marketing. 

    The keywords below if typed on google you will see that http://elahiplasticsurgery.com/  is RANKED on the FIRST PAGE in each city listed on Google.

    How did we do it? In about 6 months we were able to optimize our clients website, posting 2-3 blogs each month targeting keywords such as the ones below and creating landing pages for each city.

    Keywords in North York are extremely competitive keywords but we can see the Elahi is ranked on the First Page of Google for those keywords.

    Backlinking is a major strategy with all of our clients making sure their blogs are featured on credible high traffic websites

    Our clients saw a major surplus in calls and visitors to their website because of the SEO efforts